Texas Citrus Tips

How to Pick a Texas Grapefruit

grapefruit image
  • Look for a Texas Sticker on the fruit
  • Choose a grapefruit with a red blushed skin that feels heavy for its size. Heavy fruit means lots of juice
  • “Tropical Beauty Marks” or blemishes are caused by gentle breezes and don’t affect the fruit inside
  • Store citrus in a cool area for up to 2 weeks or in your refrigerator for up to 6 weeks

Measuring Tips

One Medium Grapefruit Equals:

120 calories
2/3 cup juice
1 cup bite sized pieces
10-12 sections
3-4 tablespoons grated peel

One Medium Orange Equals:

70 calories
1/4 cup juice
1/2 cup bite sized pieces
10-11 sections
4 teaspoons grated peel


Two-minute Sectioning

How to cut a grapefruitHow to cut a grapefruit.

Did you know it only takes around 2 minutes to section a sweet, juicy grapefruit and it’s so easy to do! Sections are a great low calorie snack and can be placed in guacamole, salads, chicken and fish dishes and taste great when added to yogurt.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
With a sharp thin-bladed knife, cut off both ends of the fruit.
Place fruit on flat end and cut away peel from top to bottom along curvature of the fruit. Remove all white pulp.
Cut down along grapefruit section to the center, then turn knife to loosen section and lift out. Remove other sections the same way.